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The system for
body builders

Ringfeder is the coupling system that gives
body builders a competitive advantage.
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Pre-mounted and flexible

Combine couplings, drawbeams, endplates, underrun protection, and accessories according to your needs and specification with Ringfeder’s flexible and ready-to-fit system.

Pre-mounted delivery saves you valuable production time.

Ringfeder bodybuilder

Best solution for the Fleets

Once in use, the fleets benefit from user-friendly, safe, and long-lasting products, as well as access to our global service network.





All products are certified

Meet the quality standards stated by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Our products are ECE certified, ensuring regulatory compliance, high quality and maximum performance.


Optimised lead times

Receive products when you need them. Ringfeder has developed a sophisticated logistic network with short lead times and high delivery performance.


Global field service

Offer your customers good contracts. By choosing Ringfeder’s system, your customers will access specialised and educated field service and face-to-face support throughout the product life.



Choose from a high-quality product portfolio. With Ringfeder's system you can confidentially sell coupling solutions that last and minimises the risk of downtime. 


traffic safety

Traffic safety

Ringfeder design and manufacture solutions that improves traffic safety. 

direct contact

Direct contact

Our technical experts support you with everything from designing solutions to technical maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions around mounting and vehicle design.