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Supporting the global transportation industry by leading technology for safe and reliable coupling of truck and trailer.

Ringfeder new generation

The new Ringfeder generation

A new generation providing unparalleled reliability, product life and total cost of ownership.

The new trailer couplings are more compact yet sturdier. Exposed parts are reinforced while service and maintenance have been made easier. In addition, there are new features for convenience, safety, and time-saving.

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Rear underrun protection devices


From 1 September 2021 the legislation R58 rev. 3 applies to all new registered vehicles.

The permissible dimensions have been changed and the requirements for impact resistance have been sharply raised. All components in the rear underrun protection must be R58.03 certified. Thus, it is not permitted to mix components from different manufacturers, not even if the components are individually certified.

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Your attentive and knowledgeable

System Partner

100 years of experience has built our deep knowledge of global transport applications. A wide product range and our full support make us the ideal system partner for optimal solutions and shortest time to market.

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The Ringfeder value


Ringfeder solutions and products are built to last. High material and process quality together with full service and support throughout product life provide unsurpassed value for owners and users – the Ringfeder value.



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