RINGFEDER indication kit JK

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The RINGFEDER indication kit JK is an important part of RINGFEDER´s new electrical infrastructure.
It enables a comfortable locking indication inside the drivers cabin (fulfills the requirements according UNECE Regulation No 55) as well as an acoustical jackknife alert.

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Locking indicator in cab


By the RINGFEDER indicator panel, locking mode (red/green) is conveniently displayed in the cab. Alternatively, the locking indication can be shown in the vehicle's own display, if supported by the vehicle manufacturer.

Jacknifing warning and Locking indicator in cab

Jackknifing warning.png

With this warning system, the driver is alerted and can avoid jacknifing before it is too late.

This safety feature saves time and hassle when reversing, and you avoid equipment damage and costly repairs.

Jackknifing warning.png

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