RINGFEDER JK retrofit kit for RF50

When reversing, an acoustic signal alerts the driver via a buzzer if the drawbar angle is at the risk of jackknifing, preventing equipment damage, downtime and costly repairs. The buzzer is connected to the base cab module (BCM), making the latter a prerequisite.

The components included in the kit are:
- CSM (coupling sensor module) for JK
- Incremental disc incl. holder and screws and the inductive sensor

Also required is the RINGFEDER indication kit JK (incl. BCM), which must be ordered separately. Different versions are available (see options).

RINGFEDER JK retrofit kit for RF50

Jacknifing warning and Locking indicator in cab

With this warning system, the driver is alerted and can avoid jacknifing before it is too late.

This safety feature saves time and hassle when reversing, and you avoid equipment damage and costly repairs.

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Where can it be fitted

Ringfeder couplings RF50 A/B or AM, with production date after week 10 2023, can be retrofitted (these are equipped with pre-drilled holes for the brackets).


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