Ringfeder® trailer coupling RF50 AM/RL

The new generation of the best-selling air-assisted all-round workhorse for most applications within medium and heavy transportation

Semi Assisted
Semi Assisted

Ringfeder® trailer coupling RF50 AM/RL ,


A convenient quick operation air opened coupling for hinged or rigid drawbars. It is the ideal solution for underslung positioning. The self-closing and automatically secured coupling provide high safety and long-term reliable performance. The pneumatic opening makes it ergonomic, time-saving and improved productivity for the driver.

A robust and easily maintained safety device adds further to safety.
The coupling is equipped with a reinforced guiding funnel which is easily replaceable.

For remote locking indication (red/green) you can choose between an indication outside the driver's cabin or inside the driver's cabin, either by the RINGFEDER® instrument panel or the truck instrument cluster.
The remote indication will be connected to the Coupling Sensor Module (CSM) which is included in the coupling. The respective indication kits must be ordered separately.


Locking mode is shown by a built-in LED light indicator, and the signal (red/green) is clearly visible also in the dark. By connecting a passive fibre optic cable to the indicator, the signal be displayed on any location, e.g. on the side of the vehicle.



By the RINGFEDER indicator panel, locking mode (red/green) is conveniently displayed in the cab. Alternatively, the locking indication can be shown in the vehicle's own display, if supported by the vehicle manufacturer.


With this warning system, the driver is alerted and can avoid jacknifing before it is too late.

This safety feature saves time and hassle when reversing, and you avoid equipment damage and costly repairs.

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Say goodbye to the wire!

Ringfeder Red Line (AM/RL) - the Original

Module / Red Line (AM/RL) adds the convenient pneumatical opening of the coupling. Another advantage of the original is the 50 percent higher closing power compared to a standard coupling. This makes coupling and uncoupling faster and more ergonomic for the driver. The air-assisted operation will save time and improve productivity.

AM/RL couplings can be connected to the existing compressed air supply of the truck – the installation of a separate compressed-air line is not needed.

The coupling can be operated by your control unit of choice. Compatible with Duomatic, Palm, C-coupling and Valve box.

Why should I choose this?

This Ringfeder coupling is an ECE certified high-quality product that requires minimal service and maintenance. It is easy to operate, and you will have the most reliable performance. Full support and global spare part availability, together with long, trouble-free service life, provides the excellent Ringfeder value to owners and users.

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A high-quality product
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Easy to operate
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The most reliable performance
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Full support and spare part availability
RF oiler.


Avoid tricky manual lubrication and extend product life by the Ringfeder Automatic Oiler.

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