Ringfeder® trailer coupling RF50 AM/RL CD

The new generation of the best-selling air-assisted all-round workhorse for most applications within medium and heavy transportation - equipped with an analogue coupling sensor (CSM DIN 72585)

Semi Assisted
Semi Assisted

Ringfeder® trailer coupling RF50 AM/RL CD ,


A convenient quick operation air opened coupling for hinged or rigid drawbars. It is the ideal solution for underslung positioning. The self-closing and automatically secured coupling provide high safety and long-term reliable performance. The pneumatic opening makes it ergonomic, time-saving and improved productivity for the driver.

A robust and easily maintained safety device adds further to safety.
The coupling is equipped with a reinforced guiding funnel which is easily replaceable.

This trailer coupling is equipped with an analogue coupling sensor (CSM DIN 72585) to connect to the existing electrical infrastructure of the previous generation. For example, to replace an already installed trailer coupling of the previous generation (e.g., type 5050 AM/RL), if the already installed ECU (previous model) is still to be used.

Or to use to connect to a Mercedes-Benz truck with a pre-installed locking indication (ex-factory via Code Q9A) via the Ringfeder adapter for code Q9A.

For other cases like first installation the new electrical infrastructure with the digital CSM is recommended.

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