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Ringfeder solutions improve operative efficiency for different stakeholders in the industry. All offering is accompanied by full service and support, securing optimal performance and maximal value.

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Full service and support – all the way

From the very beginning, you can safely rely on our engineering specialists for vehicle design assistance or product customisation. Our experts take care of your current needs and are always by your side.

What performance value do I need?

By your vehicle loads you can calculate the necessary performance of the equipment. Make sure to always be on the safe side!

Irrespective of type, make or model, the combined coupling equipment must withstand the physical forces when tugging a trailer. Simplified, these forces depend on the weight of the connected vehicles, and for road safety the equipment must be certified for a performance value equal or higher than the calculated value. You can calculate performance values for your vehicle combination with the Ringfeder Performance Value Calculator.


Reliability and operation

Reliability is most important to avoid unnecessary downtime. Accordingly, well-tried mechanical constructions will facilitate for the driver and reduce maintenance and repair. All Ringfeder products are most reliable with minimal service and maintenance required.

Repeatedly coupling and uncoupling can be time-consuming. Air assisted opening (AM/RL models) will reduce strain and save time for the driver.


What it ECE certification?

The international organization United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) strives for the harmonization of vehicle regulations. The ECE certification confirms that a product is compliant with the standards stated by the organization. Two main regulations apply for Ringfeder products:

UNECE Regulation No. 55 (R55) – Regulations of mechanical coupling components of combinations of vehicles (i.e. trailer couplings, drawbars, draw beams, etc.)

UNECE Regulation No. 58 (R58) – Regulations for underrun protection devices

By the ECE certificate the product is guaranteed to meet quality and performance demands for safe operation and road safety.

The drawbar eye

The towing eye is as essential as any other component in the truck and trailer coupling chain. It is always a good idea to select a high-quality drawbar eye. A high-quality eye will better resist wear and accordingly, reduce visits to the workshop for replacing worn-out bushes. A high-quality product will provide a longer service life and reduced total cost of ownership. Ringfeder drawbar eyes comply with applicable regulations and standards.

Mounting options

  • There are different options for mounting the towing eye to the drawbar:
  • Weld a fastening plate to the drawbar, then bolt the eye to the fastening plate
    Screw a threaded eye to a correspondingly threaded drawbar