PZLG 32 series

Length-adjustable and cranked

With towing eye Ø 40 mm (DIN 74054-40 A), cranked h = 150 mm and length adjustment 12 x 50 mm as standard.
All drawbars are also available with towing eye Ø 50 mm (DIN 74053-50 A).
Also available with locking nuts on request (version V). In all standard versions, the bearing eyes have plastic bushes.
Other dimensions and towing eyes are available on request.

Drawbar PZLG 32
PZLG - dimensions_Ny-01

                                                       SINGLE AXLE

Max axle load (t)

DZ min. (mm)

         10     1200

                                                        TWO AXLES

Max axle load (t)

RA max. (mm)

DZ min. (mm)

PZL - detail_english

Adjustable versions

Standard adjustable version "E" with bolt and nut. Also available with locking nuts on request, version "V".


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