Ringfeder height adjustment devices Klemmfix 72/D-PAL (compression)

The galvanized Klemmfix 72 is a heightadjustment device for drawbar installations that can swivel vertically. With the optimum setting, the towing eye can be adjusted freely from the horizontal position by at least 300 mm (measured at the towing eye) upwards and downwards. The drawbar installation can be set to the required height by a single person without the need for tools or other assistance. Without a height support device, the Klemmfix 72 can only be used for limited height adjustment. For a drawbar weight of more than 75 kg, a height support device (e.g. return spring with clamp lock or spring washers) must also be fitted, which will take some of the weight of the drawbar (see diagram). See the assembly and operation instructions for further information.

Klemmfix 72/D-PAL

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